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Applications for the next round of BSG grants will close on 30th September 2018 5 October 2018.

Please note that there is currently an issue when uploading supporting files to grant applications. We are working to resolve this issue and suggest waiting for a few days before submitting your application. We have extended the grants deadline to 5 October, and will send an email to the membership list when the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Research grant applications may be made by both postgraduate and non-postgraduate BSG members. All successful research grant applications are expected to contribute to the delivery of the BSG missions as outlined below:

To support scientific excellence in geomorphology through:

    Fostering excellence and increased investment and support for geomorphology
    Developing applied geomorphological research, having a major impact on environmental policy and practice and providing a public benefit
    Disseminating new geomorphological research and policy agendas
    Developing a new generation of geomorphologists equipped to address interdisciplinary challenges.

Details of the assessment criteria and procedures for our research grants are available here. Prospective applicants should note that the BSG will only accept one application per funding round.

There are two rounds of grant applications each year - the deadlines for applying for each round are 1st February and 30th September, but please consult the individual grant pages for more information, as certain grants may be awarded outside the usual timeframe after discussion with the relevant committee.

Please note that it is a condition of any award provided by BSG that BSG accepts no liability for the manner in which the work connected with the award is undertaken. The recipient of an award an their host institution are responsible in all respects for the work and its consequences.