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Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

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ESPL Impact Factor 2015: 3.505, 9th in Physical Geography list out of 49, 23rd in the Geosciences list out of 184

This is the flagship international journal of the BSG, edited by Prof. Stuart N. Lane (Managing Editor) and Associate Editors Prof. Mike Kirkby, Dr. Chris Houser, Dr Larissa Naylor, Dr Kevin Norton, Associate Prof. Josh Roering, Prof. Heather Viles and Prof. Ellen Wohl, together with Assistant Editor Fiona Kirkby and an international Editorial Board. The Journal is published 14 times per year. The Editors welcome papers on all branches of geomorphology, together with technical communications and book reviews.

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms is an International Journal of Geomorphology, publishing on all aspects of Earth Surface Science. The Journal primarily publishes original research papers that will have a sustained impact upon geomorphological science and cognate disciplines. It also publishes Earth Surface Exchanges which include commentaries on issues of particular geomorphological interest, discussions of published papers, shorter journal articles suitable for rapid publication and specially-commissioned reviews on key aspects of geomorphological science.

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (ESPL) is available electronically FREE to members of the BSG. So even if your institution does not subscribe to the journal, as a BSG member you can log on to theBSG webpage and access ESPL electronically through Wiley Online Library (follow the link in the Online Access box on this page).

If you wish to receive hardcopies, then Earth Surface Processes and Landforms is available at a discounted rate to BSG members for paper subscription: £87 a year for full members and £44 a year for post-graduate members.

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