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Committee for Professional Geomorphology

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Geomorphologists now play a key role in many professional spheres, such as in the water industry, environmental and engineering consultants, and national and local government.

The purpose of the BSG Committee for Professional Geomorphology is to lead, support and improve the discipline of applied professional geomorphology. 

We aim to link researchers with practitioners so that the latest geomorphological science is applied to help currrent issues. The committee is creating a friendly professional network of geomorphologists to share technical knowledge and experiences, and to help people develop their career in this fascinating and essential discipline. Whether you're a researcher, undergrad or postgrad, consultant or regulatory geomorphologist, we'd like to help you. 

Our aims are to:

  1. Provide a forum for professional applied geomorphologists to share current issues and hot topics, support academic research and share knowledge
  2. Grow the influence of geomorphology, communicating its benefits and strengthening links with other organisations
  3. Encourage and support high professional standards and behaviours 
  4. Support geomorphology as a career by encouraging new geomorphologists and helping people develop professionally
  5. Connect professional applied geomorphologists by organising meetings, workshops and events to share good practice and to support each other.

Our vision and aims can be found at https://geomorphology.org.uk/sites/default/files/PGP_committee_Vision_and_Aims.pdf

Keep up to date with our committee newsletters 

- Autumn 2018 - Committee for Professional Geomorphology News

We encourage professional applied geomorphologist members of the BSG to become Chartered Geomorpholologists CGeog (Geomorph) http://www.geomorphology.org.uk/cgeog-geomorph.

The committee structure is shown on the left, and the members are:

  • Chair - Richard Jeffries (Environment Agency)
  • Secretary - Katy Kemble (Jacobs)
  • Representative for consultancy - Suzie Maas (Atkins)
  • Representative for academia - Pete Downs (Plymouth)
  • Representative for Regulators - Jo Shanahan (Environment Agency)
  • Representatives for postgraduates: Eleonore Heasley and Eilidh Stott. 
  • The representative for third sector organisations is to be announced. If you're interested in this position please get in touch. 

Please contact us for further information bsg@geomorphology.org.uk.