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The Outreach sub-committee drives the BSG towards its overarching strategy, with particular emphasis on Education, and the engagement of Practitioners of Geomorphology.



  • Increase awareness of Geomorphology amongst school teachers, and provide teaching materials that may be used in class;
  • Increase teacher membership of the BSG;
  • Seek to develop and inspire a new generation of geomorphologists;

University undergraduates

  • Promote the study of geomorphology as part of undergraduate degree courses;
  • Hold an annual competition for the best British undergraduate dissertation, through the award of the ‘Majorie Sweeting Prize’;

University Postgraduates

  • Provide training in the form of an annual workshop for postgraduates;
  • Provide funding for conference support and postgraduate fieldwork;
  • Promote participation by postgraduates in the AGM;


  • Through use of the media, improve the public understanding of geomorphology and its relevance to society;
  • Support the participation of BSG members in public engagement events such as Cheltenham Science Festival to communicate our research more widely


  • Raise awareness of the importance of geomorphology to engineering and management.
  • Facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas between academics and practitioners.
  • Promote applied research into geomorphology through the organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences focused towards practitioners’ needs.
  • Promote uptake of the CGeog (Geomorph) accreditation http://www.geomorphology.org.uk/cgeog-geomorph  amongst practitioners.