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Listed below are recent grant winners. Where a name is clickable, a grant report can be accessed by clicking on the member

Spring 2017 round

  • Grant Type Awardee and Report Project
    Conference sponsorship
    Irene Delgardo-Fernandez
    Research Grants
    Anne Mather Integrated fluvial archive approaches to Holocene palaeoflood reconstruction: potential insights for climate change in continental N. Africa
    Matthew Johnson The power of biology in river environments
    ECR Grants
    Fabiano Pupim Late Quaternary variation in erosion rates and landscape changes in the Amazon River basin
    Rachel Smedley Tracking latitudinal shifts in the southern Westerlies using unstudied ice limits in Patagonia
    PG Research Grants
    Alex Hughes Quantification of seismic hazards in southern California using cosmogenic nuclide dating of geomorphic strain markers
    James Tempest Root growth and decomposition rates in natural and restored saltmarshes
    Zacc Larkin Rivers of time: Did an enhanced monsoon affect holocene fluvial systems in the Warrego catchment, eastern Australia?
    Harry Sanders Biotic versus abiotic forcing of fluvial sediment dynamics: How much sediment do crayfish supply to river systems?
    Benjamin Taylor Sediment core profiles of a Scottish estuary: The influence of saltmarsh restoration on carbon storage, sequestration rates, and emission potential for sediments
    Morwenna Mckenzie Improving the knowledge base on the physical effects of fine sediment for macroinvertebrates
    PG Conference Support
    Stephen Watkins
    Sarah Twohig
    Jack Wright
    Joel Davis
    Jessica Moloney
    Rachel Hurley
    Sam Brooke
    Daniel Green
    Outreach Grants
    Des McDougall A virtual glacier and glaciated landscape A-Level virtual fieldtrip
    Simon Grieve GeoBus River-in-a-Box

Autumn 2016 round

  • Grant Type Awardee and Report Project
    Conference sponsorship
    Joanna Bullard
    Stuart McColl
    Research Grants
    Martin Stokes Do alluvial fans on the Cape Verde volcanic islands record pre-Holocene african humid periods?
    Jeff Warburton Rockfall monitoring and hazard assessment - Casle Rock, Cumbria
    Giles Wiggs Aeolian dust dynamics: field measurements of emissions at source, Etosha Pan, Namibia
    Bethan Davies Timing of a newly identified Pleistocene glacial radvance of the Northern Patagonia Icefield (NPI), Chile
    Stephanie Mills Geomorphological and sedimentological analyses of outburst flood deposits around Öræfajökull, SE Iceland
    ECR Grants
    Edwin Baynes Isolating the control of sediment on knickpoint dynamics in the Rangitikei river, New Zealand
    Mitch D'Arcy Erosion and sedimentation in the Sierra Aconquija, NE Argentinian Andes
    Cariona Fyffe Ablation and debris cover formation in dirty ice areas
    Alastair Clements Understanding tectonic and climatic drivers of coastal change in the lower Wairarapa Valley, North Island, New Zealand
    PG Research Grants
    Sibylle Knapp Large rock-slope failure impacting on lakes - deciphering mobility processes and reconstructing multistage events
    Mairi MacArthur Testing the success of an ecologically enhanced seawall design at the Hartlepool Headlands Coastal Protection Scheme
    Charlotte Holdsworth The controls and drivers of movement on large, soft-rock translational landslides, Taihape, New Zealand
    Monica Mendelova Reconstructing the timing, extent and significance of late Quaternary glaciations in central Patagonia
    Andrew Newton Late Cenzoic seismic geomophology offshore NE Greenland
    PG Conference Support
    Duna Roda-Baluda
    Elizabeth Dingle
    Chloe Morris
    Owen King
    Joshua Ahmed
    Clementine Chirol
    Leiping Ye
    Cameron Watson
    Fiona Clubb
    Ian Stevens
    Grigorios Vasilopoulos
    Chrystiann Lavarini

Spring 2016 round

  • Grant Type Awardee and Report Project
    Conference sponsorship
    Joanna Bullard
    Amy Woodget
    Research Grants
    Naomi Holmes Recent environmental change in the Indian Himalaya
    Iestyn Barr The impact of glacier fluctuations on lake sedimentation rates
    Catherine Delaney Investigating glacial hummocky terrain using LIDAR and ground-penetrating Radar
    ECR Grants
    Peter Rowley Analogue modelling of fluidised pyroclastic density currents
    Christopher Hackney Quantifying the effects of slump blocks on bank erosion rates across a range of flow stages
    PG Research Grants
    Sam Brooke Constraining landscape response to cliamte using alluvial fans in death valley
    Zui Tao Reconstruction of surface residence times of grains from the stratigraphic record measured using 21Ne; implications for the evolution of the Great Plains, Nebraska
    Lawrence Eagle Extreme summer flooding and river geomorphology, a meso and microscale approach, across a 200 year chronosequence in Glacier Bay, Alaska
    Ankit Verma Rock breakdown on Earth and Mars
    Rachel Hurley Stratigraphies of industrialisation- The fluvial sedimentary record of the first industrial city
    Jennifer Robertson Using uplift to investigate normal and subduction-related active faulting
    Anna Schoch Postglacial fan evolution in the Upper Rhone Valley, Switzerland – gradual or catastrophic?
    Lauren Knight Timings and dynamics of glaciation in the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
    Will Higson How do overdeepeings affect glacial dynamics?
    Paul Weber Ice-marginal processes and retreat dynamics of the plateau icefield Hardangerjøkulen in southern Norway
    PG Conference Support
    Janet Richardson
    Jerome Mayaud
    Morgan Gibson
    Kate Mathers
    Pierre Lardeux
    Thomas Vincent
    Carin Cornwall
    Tom Mockford
    Akirat Abdulkade
    Frances Dunn
    Gary Murphy
    John Preston
    Scott Armstrong
    Research Networks
    Brian Whalley

Autumn 2015 round

Spring 2015 round

Autumn 2014 round

Spring 2014 round

Autumn 2013 round

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